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Berthold Traxler: acoordeon and singer, veterinarian from the hausruckviertel Upper Austria

Johannes Graf: trombone and singer, veterinarian from St.Pölten, Lower Austria

Martina Reiter: violin, musician and violin teacher from the Innviertel, Upper Austria

Hermann Fritz: violin, musician and ethnologian from the Muehlviertel, Upper Austria

Three of us live in Vienna one in Lower Austria.

Our musical homeland is however the Innviertel with the Tanzln, the Almerer, the Innviertler Landler..

We sind in dialect.

Berthold and Johannes have sung together for years at different Gastanzlsingen.  They are specialized in the Innviertler Landler with its Gstanzln and Almerern (Jodlern).  Besides Couplets and pub songs as well as Zwoarerjodler are sung. It has to be sung very hard ("the song must not sound tiered").  The Gstanzln are partly homebrewn.

Since 2002  Hannes and Berthold became strengthened by the two Landler violonists Martina and Hermann, who brought old Innviertler dance music, as Triowalzer and Boarisch Polka , into the Reperoire.

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